Veikkaus Demands Identification for Slot Machines

Veikkaus Demands Identification for Slot Machines

Veikkaus announced that from January 12, the company will demand from its customers to verify their identity.

The new regulation is part of the player protection measurements and the operator expects to cut players’ losses by up to €300m.

According to the new system, players can log in by using a virtual identification card that they can find available on their phones.

According to Veikkaus representative, director Jari Heino, the change will make it easier for the players to control their gambling, will lead to fewer losses, and will make sure that all players are at least 18 years old, since they provide their identification in order to gamble.

Heino added: “If a customer experiences gambling as problematic, as a result of this reform, for example, he has the opportunity to completely prevent himself from gambling on slot machines,” Heino said. “For a large proportion of Finns, gambling is not problematic, but through this measure we want to offer preventive tools to those who are at risk of difficulties.”

Important Move

The big move was first brought in October 2020 in certain regions of Finland. It was first a pilot programme that grew and expanded. In November more regions were added and in December the operator announced that the measurements will spread out nationwide.

The new ID verification for slot machines was supposed to be implemented in 2023. However the provider found himself pressured recently to strengthens its gambling policies.

Veikkaus will bring more control measures this year, such as restrictions in gaming halls, which will allow only customers that verified their identity to play. This will happen in July when not only the slot machines will require identification. Other games will be subject to the new requirement by 2023.

In April 2020, Veikkaus cut loss limits for online casino games to €500 per week. This measure would be kept in place at least until March 2021.

The current pandemic forced the company to reduce the number of slots in operation. 8,000 of them will be taken offline by the end of 2021. The number was increased in June from 3,500 devices.

Veikkaus reported 28.1% decline in gross revenue due to the impact of the virus.

Currently almost all Veikkaus slot machines are unavailable due to coronavirus pandemic but many of those shut down machines will start working again when the new ID rule comes into place.

According to the European Union member, Finland is the only European country that maintains a gambling monopoly. In December, the European Gambling and Betting Association (EGBA) asked from Finland to change its policy by ending Veikkaus’ monopoly status.

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